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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Taj Madras Flight kitchen

(courtesy: The Hindu)
Today's Metro Plus Chennai (of The Hindu) had an article about Taj Madras Flight Kitchen. Article rounds up the kitchen with the author and tells you what they do and what makes them special. The regular walk the factory one.

During Chennai days, having office at Tambaram and home at Guindy, made me to pass thru airport everyday. Most of the times the "unit" train would take me up & down. Had a colleague living in central Chennai. He would drop me at Guindy every evening and we bike thru GST. There comes the Taj Kitchen, serve the flights depart from Chennai Anna & Kamaraj terminals.

The few seconds passing of that place still reminds the tasty food-mixture substance smell, cooking inside the hard glass and the people with white thing on their head.

Article says, they serve 11K meals every day. Not a big number, if that is not a day to day one. The Taj brand says it all. Quality - Nutritious - Costly.

Wonderful part would be their work style. Many times, cooking for myself alone will make my kitchen messy & cleaning would take the equal amount of time as cooking. They have to be on time with no defects, to be in business. Defect(s) would be a costly mistake on air. That brings down the scale in their & the carrier's brand. Article is missing to mention how long they are in the air meal business. I know it for 4 years. Handling the international customers for ~4 years in terms of food is something not exceptional but definitely the best.

I like the one, where Chef Kannan says, they serve Regional Food in domestic carriers (sometimes to International carriers also - I did taste Uppuma in Singapore airlines from Chennai - Singapore). I tend to eat the direct from stove Idli, Dosa, Uppuma, Pongal and like. Of course, many. Taj guys can't parallel it, but, they atleast good in leveling the taste.

Scientific and systematic - key for their 24 X 7 support & success.
Monday, October 15, 2007
I vote this tiny girl as #1, named as Boo in the Pixar film Monsters, Inc. She tanks the wonderful smile or fear or crankiness on her eyes. Sulley, lucky you!!! Buzz lightyear is not that cute as Boo. But, animated character is numbered #1 not just by being cute, its been selected with umpteen picks. Jack, equivalently cute as Boo. Remy - the Ratatouille chef doesn't catch the list though.

Here, you get the Top 20 Pixar characters, selected by some of the fellow netizens. Watch out for the Toon Trivia - interesting bits for every Pixar'ians.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007
Lights off

You will be more green and have yourself signed in saving more energy, if you agree to dim your lights on October 20, 2007 8-9 p.m in Bay area. Strange though, as an asian continent guy. It just makes it important about taking initiative.

Bay area's someone has initiated this
event and called Lights Out San Francisco. You require to dim your unwanted/non-essential lights just-just for 60 minutes and install compact flourascent light bulb. Rest the energy summarised statistics will tell you, how did your 1 hr dim of waste energy has made an impact towards being green. Switch off your bathroom light, even if your roomie takes bath and singing gajuraare loudly.

I am going out of light on October 20 8-9 p.m, if you live in Bay area join your hands with many. Do I need light to just browse inet?

city of Angels (LA) joins too. Somebody's there to http://www.lightsoutchennai.org/? (Better, don't click it, you will get bad gateway)

Go here for press --
The SF Chronicle, LA Times (registration required).
Monday, October 01, 2007
Being webless

Its been quite a period, Smruthi has updated. "Didn't get time" could be a unrealistic joke. It's started just like that and got a break just like that. Still blogs are in my hobby list than the interest list. Now, it's again getting updated just like that.

People sometime come out of blue and ask "hey, what's going on with Smruthi". Atleast people didn't remove from their favorites/feeds. I am still being lucky with their poor skills in clean up ;)

Even though, I didn't think of writing something on Smruthi, I feel like writing many times whenever I cross over disturbing/thought tickling matter(s). Chances could be more, you will be saying unrealistic joke again. Yes, it is :)

Having spent round a year in
Bay Area, my India trip has become essential for myself & parents. Went back to home & happily made love with every brick of home. Enjoyed being out of web (even though touched it once in a while). That's (web) been stuck up in entire thing of a desi bachelor in US. If not more, atleast to many. Be it anything on universe, it has got everything. That lures a big chunk of human being. At times, the taste of being webless opens up the chances of smelling the tastes of earth. Now, started loving the world out of laptop and out of web, of course, not always.

Mean while,
Sruthi has been created as a competitive site to Smruthi by the same author. Fortunately, that's also unlucky towards getting updated.

Check out sometime later, Smruthi might hold a post (could say Adios too). Till then, don't cross your fingers and keep on hitting Smruthi so soon.
Friday, December 29, 2006
At last they got him completely.
Sunday, October 01, 2006
He is the man who got criticised more after his lifetime, I believe. Those whomever I met (even thought that is so less) had a opnion which states this man has moved our nation in a wrong path. They can give several justifications for their words, why not, they would be ready to do a research too.

I hope, this man always has a dream as
Martin Luther King, but never pronounced aggressively in any of his speech, for his motives.

As a admirer of Gandhi Ji, 'You still live in the minds of people, in some way. The nation you dreamt for is now stands true. I should say, not only yours. Thousands of souls, who had shed their blood for the country.'

Let the flags of our fathers fly with proud.
Sunday, September 10, 2006
Kids - the fortune of India
Fantastic short film. See how the children's mindset turns out violent, because of their elders attitude. I am left with question marks, after watching the movie. You??